Electric bikes: the story of misunderstanding and acceptance

  Do you remember the time when the bicycle was the best way to move along the yard? The civilization does not stand on one place, and nowadays there are even better ways to drive and take sporting activities simultaneously. As you have already guessed, we are talking about the electric bikes, a breath-taking invention of the modern days.   Now, when the electric bikes are quite affordable, and one may find them in the stores, such as magasin velo paris ouvert dimanche, it is hard to imagine that initially the idea to produce electric bikes had not got popularity among the constructors. However, the verily concept has appeared in various technical documentation since the end of XIX century. For instance, in the patent of the USA the bicycle equipped with the direct current motor, while in several years the model of rear-wheel driver was invented. When people did not have a clear understanding how beneficial and cool electric bikes are, they were not interested in the production. However, in the early beginning of the 1990s with the development of house facilities, and portable accumulator, electric bikes appeared in the light of public. After the great production of electric bikes started in 1992, their number grew reaching unbelievable indicators. For instance, on the market of the USA the highest sales were in 2002-2003, nevertheless, after the culmination their usage did not decrease. So, the demand (certainly, that has seasonably adjusted nature) begets supply. What about China, the greatest producer of the sought goods? Well, actually, China is the biggest in the world producer and consumer or electric bikes with an astonishing number of 22 million electric bikes produced per a year. Nowadays there are a lot of beautiful bikes that, definitely, differ from the first industrial samples proposed to the target audience in the beginning. So, one has a lot to choose

Why electric cars are going to take over the market by 2020

Sometimes the best way to understand a market is to talk to the people making the market. So I asked my friend Emilien from France (owner of Brechemier Electricien 77 ) what he thinks about the situation. One of the things that are gaining much attention nowadays is electric cars. These are types of cars which run on electric motors, instead of usual internal combustion engine. Instead of gasoline and diesel, electric cars use pure electricity. Electric cars companies such as Tesla http://www.tesla.com are becoming increasingly popular as they present numerous advantages as compared to the traditional automobile market. These advantages relate to some of the global trends undergoing: air pollution, steady decline in the supply of natural resources and the rising cost of living. Some of the advantages that the electric car has over the conventional gas guzzlers are the following: Acquisition Electric cars are practically as expensive as conventional cars. The most significant factor the components’ price. In electric cars, batteries are usually the most expensive component but these are only minor as compared to conventional cars. Also with an electric car conversion, car owners don’t need to buy a new one. All it takes is an old car, a few hundred dollars and a DIY electric car kit for anyone to build an electric car. Fuel The prices of petroleum products have been on the rise for the past years and this has been the main issue in conventional cars. Car owners can pay much less by month if they are using electric cars as compared to gas – guzzling ones. Also electricity gives a better return on the owners’ investment because almost all of it is used in running the car. On the other hand, conventional ones use only 20 % of the energy in every liter of gasoline. The rest is produced as waste which leads us to the next advantage.   By pollutants Regular cars give off pollutants every time they run. These by-products contribute to air pollution which is the leading cause of eye irritations, respiratory diseases, and global warming. On the other hand, electric cars produce no emissions. That’s why they are termed as “Zero Emission Vehicles” or ZEVs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero–emissions_vehicle However, the power plants that produce electricity to power these cars are the ones that emit pollutants. Fortunately, it is only minor compared to the ones produced by all regular automobiles. Efficiency Electric cars can go faster as they are logically lighter. This is due to the absence of some heavy parts which comprises internal- combustion powered ones. The absence of gears in some EVs also provides a smoother acceleration and a smoother braking. Electric cars use almost their energy so they can go for many miles before running out of charge. Also because of a phenomenon known as regenerative braking, some of the energy used in acceleration is recovered when an electric car stops. It is becoming increasingly easy and cheap to acquirer electric cars. This is why the idea of doing

Do you need an accounting firm to set up a startup ?

Many young entrepreneurs do not view accountants as an important stakeholder for a start-up. As matter of fact, accountants are viewed as superfluous by a significant number of young business owners (www.investopedia.com). Many of these entrepreneurs think that hiring an accounting firm when they are setting up a start-up is an unnecessary cost. They reason that accountants are only useful and economical when their business expands and becomes successful. Although the decision to hire an accounting firm when starting up a business is an individual decision, choosing to outsource accounting services has its share of benefits. This article explains the benefits that a business owner can enjoy if they hire an accounting firm when starting up. Helps keep up-to-date accounting records. When you are first starting out, chances are high that you are going to be your sole employee. What that means is that you are the only one responsible in making sure that every aspect of the business runs smoothly. You are going to be the secretary, the salesperson, the customer care service provider, accountant among others. Letting any of that slip could turn out to be disastrous. Hiring an accounting firm at this point will see to it that your books are always zeroed out and constantly updated. Accountants can double up as business advisors. Contrally to popular belief, accountants are not just there for tax purposes. They are some of the most experienced people when it comes to running a business profitably. A reputable accounting firm will already have dealt with thousands of clients who were at one time in your exact situation. They know exactly what worries you and they can also offer assistance in navigating the regulations, rules and compliance requirements of the city or state in which you live in. This is priceless for someone who is just getting started (www.accountingtoday.com) Accountants attract investors. One goal of a start-up business is to increasingly expand and generate more revenue. Investors are a sure way of achieving this. Many investors are interested in seeing your growth projections, accounting figures and hard data. Being a young entrepreneur, you may not be in a position to supply this. As such, having an accountant at the start of your business means that you have someone who knows, understands and has closely observed your finances and accounting records from the very start. Accountants are invaluable allies in creating financial projections which are reasonable. They also play an important role in proving that your business is solvent and well maintained.   It makes it easy to grow and expand. Many entrepreneurs who are getting started do not know when it is the right time to expand. They may also not know the furthest they can stretch their finances without putting the affairs of the business at risk. When you hire an accounting firm when starting up, they can help in pinpointing when the business is picking up, when to take extra orders and when to stock up. These are some of

A New Law In THIS State Will Shut Down Any Business Caught Hiring Illegals. Do You Support This?

Crazy news. Read this. Indiana is already known as a tough state on illegal immigration, but a new bill that is set to pass would up the ante even further on businesses that employ illegal aliens. Republican State Sen. Mike Delph first introduced the legislation to general assembly, and if passed will give the government the ability to revoke business licenses from those who choose to employ this controversial group. A New Law In THIS State Will Shut Down Any Business Caught Hiring Illegals. Do You Support This?  

3 Social Media Marketing Legal Issues Most People do

This week an article written by Laetitia, who works at Rongeot Avocat Divorce Vesoul Marketing is the method for business to allow their identity or product to be known to their respective customers or for the entire public to know. There are many ways for a business to do marketing to the point it may not be deemed good. Because survival is very important in the industry, making sure that your brand will be known is very important. To capture one’s customers, the business needs to know what are the things that the customers are into so that they will be able to redirect their attention to their brand through some method may cause them legal problems and social media would usually is the place where they put their marketing to the test.   1. Promotion ( check this ) Some business will do promotions so that their brand will be known to the public. Promotions can be anything from simple competition to give away. Most promotion can be seen in social media, but the thing is what are the chances of you winning? You might have to follow such simple instruction but in the end, there isn’t a real winner and the reason behind such promotion is to allow you to be aware of the brand. 2. Using music without consent From classical to modern, music is something that people enjoy. The most popular would be the one being played in malls or on the shop or commercial, but the question is if it was consented by the people who made the music. There are some that uses the music to help boost the marketing plan of some business without any right or consent of the use of the music. Without the consent or the right to use the music, then you can get in trouble with it because you are using a property that isn’t yours and can confuse people into thinking that it is yours. 3. Videos and Images When it comes to images, they are property from other people who took them, and if you allow yourself to use the pictures with the owner’s consent then you will be in trouble because it is private property and not meant for the public. Even if you are using the face of someone without their consent is also going to be a problem. This goes with a video ( see www.youtube.com ), if you use the same video for your marketing to another business then it would create conflict because of plagiarism. For a business to survive in the industry, the public has to constantly be aware of the existence of the business because there are always new businesses popping. To that, they have to make sure that their marketing is always on point, but there are times that their marketing can lead to legal problems like plagiarism and use private property. Since marketing is about informing the public; music, promotion and videos and images are the things

LegalTech Startups Are Disrupting the Law Market

You might not have heard of about LegalTech, but it is a shorter word for Legal Technology which is the use of technology and software to provide legal services. Though at first it was created to be of use now it is starting to disrupt the law market. Though you may say that there were benefits to having the LegalTech you should never ignore the Legal Market because “they are the fundamental and the common way to go for legal assistance before the age of advanced technology and science” states Nicolas, who works at Divorce Avocat, Fain   Should the Law Market be disrupting the people who take that profession may not like it because the way of dealing legal matters or the law would always need a human intervention? There are just things that technology cannot do, and that people can only do. Most of you might think that having the LegalTech can be more advantageous, but you have to think of the Law Market and how it is disrupting the people who take it as a profession. There might even be things that the LegalTech may not be able to help but only the Law Market can.   If the Law Market will be disrupted it would be hard for people to have a hard copy of the important document that they would need in the future because if you allow technology to have the copy then it will only be a soft copy and with today’s’ hanker you will never know who can have an easy access to very important and very private documents. That is why it would be best that there should be a hard copy and for that to happen there should not be any disruption in the Law Market but rather a conservation.   Though it cannot be handled that technology is always innovating, you should always remember that the manual way can also be a good way because it can be beneficial to you. Technology can help you in certain ways, but it can be limited. If you do not wish to disrupt the Law Market, then it would be best that more of you should go to the Law Market rather than rely on your legal situations on technology. Let the Law Market help you with your legal dilemma because they were trained for that profession and they can be of help to you. ( checkout http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/dilemma )   Do not let technology run your life because that is not the right way to live. Try to seek help from people like you because there are just things that technology wouldn’t be able to do or understand regarding human behavior and there might be things that are new that the technology isn’t aware of. Let no disruption happen around the Law Market because there are things that it can do and help you with, and they can handle certain changes that technology cannot and they have trained themselves into that profession to help.

Baby Tech : startups dealing with babies market

Now, you do not have to spend a lot of time to shop baby product. Because there are a lot of online market for babies. Baby tech : startups dealing with babies market is one of them ( see http://www.monbebecheri.com for more informations ). As new parent, it is hard to fulfill your baby’s needs. That is why they need technology to help them. Baby tech created that will help all parents in parenting. It gives you many information about babies market. Most parents choose to deal with high-quality product for their baby, because these products promise to keep their baby safe and help the parents feel more confident. Babies grow fast and change so quickly, that is why baby tech: startups dealing with babies market has no limit to capture pregnant women and new parents. Parents keep spending their money on their kids’ needs. It helps new parents to compare the same products according to the quality and prize. New parents keep busy take care of the kids, and has no time shopping. Several companies capitalize on this by offering high-end versions of their products for a high-end fee, leaving parents to wonder what kind of parent they will be if they do not splurge on something. If you are interested in selling baby products online, you have to choose the startup. You will meet large club of new parents that need your baby products. You can make a good deal with the customer by giving sale for some products. Do not hesitate to try online marketing, because it helps open up your company. You will see more customer than by selling offline. There are no limit. Keep innovating by seeing the trend. You need to follow the trend but do not lose your product’s identity. Build powerful brands with quality product. Face the challenge. The customer will need more after their baby grows. Make a review about your product to attract customer. Show that you have high quality product that helps new parents in taking care their baby. advertise your products by giving detail information that easy to understand. Show that all new parents need to buy your product. Add value of your products. Compare your product with other and find is your product better than theirs? You can give cheaper prize for your product, but it is not only about prize. Find know what the most wanted item, and show them that you have the product they want. Make video of demonstration about your product. Show the benefit of having the product you sell. Make sure you get positive feedback from your customer. If you get negative feedback, improve the ability of your product according to your customer’s critic. baby tech also gives unlimited information about parenting from the expert. New parents need more info to take care of their baby. by using this, new parents can truly understand and connect with their baby.