Why electric cars are going to take over the market by 2020

Sometimes the best way to understand a market is to talk to the people making the market. So I asked my friend Emilien from France (owner of Brechemier Electricien 77 ) what he thinks about the situation.

One of the things that are gaining much attention nowadays is electric cars. These are types of cars which run on electric motors, instead of usual internal combustion engine. Instead of gasoline and diesel, electric cars use pure electricity.

Electric cars companies such as Tesla http://www.tesla.com are becoming increasingly popular as they present numerous advantages as compared to the traditional automobile market. These advantages relate to some of the global trends undergoing: air pollution, steady decline in the supply of natural resources and the rising cost of living.

Some of the advantages that the electric car has over the conventional gas guzzlers are the following:

  1. Acquisition

Electric cars are practically as expensive as conventional cars.

The most significant factor the components’ price. In electric cars, batteries are usually the most expensive component but these are only minor as compared to conventional cars. Also with an electric car conversion, car owners don’t need to buy a new one. All it takes is an old car, a few hundred dollars and a DIY electric car kit for anyone to build an electric car.

  1. Fuel
    The prices of petroleum products have been on the rise for the past years and this has been the main issue in conventional cars. Car owners can pay much less by month if they are using electric cars as compared to gas – guzzling ones. Also electricity gives a better return on the owners’ investment because almost all of it is used in running the car. On the other hand, conventional ones use only 20 % of the energy in every liter of gasoline. The rest is produced as waste which leads us to the next advantage.


  1. By pollutants
    Regular cars give off pollutants every time they run. These by-products contribute to air pollution which is the leading cause of eye irritations, respiratory diseases, and global warming. On the other hand, electric cars produce no emissions. That’s why they are termed as “Zero Emission Vehicles” or ZEVs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeroemissions_vehicle
    However, the power plants that produce electricity to power these cars are the ones that emit pollutants. Fortunately, it is only minor compared to the ones produced by all regular automobiles.
  2. Efficiency
    Electric cars can go faster as they are logically lighter. This is due to the absence of some heavy parts which comprises internal- combustion powered ones. The absence of gears in some EVs also provides a smoother acceleration and a smoother braking. Electric cars use almost their energy so they can go for many miles before running out of charge. Also because of a phenomenon known as regenerative braking, some of the energy used in acceleration is recovered when an electric car stops.

It is becoming increasingly easy and cheap to acquirer electric cars. This is why the idea of doing an electric car conversion is becoming more and more popular. I think I am going to get one by the end of the year by the way 🙂

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