Electric bikes: the story of misunderstanding and acceptance


Do you remember the time when the bicycle was the best way to move along the yard? The civilization does not stand on one place, and nowadays there are even better ways to drive and take sporting activities simultaneously. As you have already guessed, we are talking about the electric bikes, a breath-taking invention of the modern days.


Now, when the electric bikes are quite affordable, and one may find them in the stores, such as magasin velo paris ouvert dimanche, it is hard to imagine that initially the idea to produce electric bikes had not got popularity among the constructors. However, the verily concept has appeared in various technical documentation since the end of XIX century. For instance, in the patent of the USA the bicycle equipped with the direct current motor, while in several years the model of rear-wheel driver was invented.

When people did not have a clear understanding how beneficial and cool electric bikes are, they were not interested in the production. However, in the early beginning of the 1990s with the development of house facilities, and portable accumulator, electric bikes appeared in the light of public. After the great production of electric bikes started in 1992, their number grew reaching unbelievable indicators. For instance, on the market of the USA the highest sales were in 2002-2003, nevertheless, after the culmination their usage did not decrease. So, the demand (certainly, that has seasonably adjusted nature) begets supply.

What about China, the greatest producer of the sought goods? Well, actually, China is the biggest in the world producer and consumer or electric bikes with an astonishing number of 22 million electric bikes produced per a year. Nowadays there are a lot of beautiful bikes that, definitely, differ from the first industrial samples proposed to the target audience in the beginning. So, one has a lot to choose

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