3 Social Media Marketing Legal Issues Most People do

This week an article written by Laetitia, who works at Rongeot Avocat Divorce Vesoul

Marketing is the method for business to allow their identity or product to be known to their respective customers or for the entire public to know. There are many ways for a business to do marketing to the point it may not be deemed good. Because survival is very important in the industry, making sure that your brand will be known is very important. To capture one’s customers, the business needs to know what are the things that the customers are into so that they will be able to redirect their attention to their brand through some method may cause them legal problems and social media would usually is the place where they put their marketing to the test.


1. Promotion ( check this )

Some business will do promotions so that their brand will be known to the public. Promotions can be anything from simple competition to give away. Most promotion can be seen in social media, but the thing is what are the chances of you winning? You might have to follow such simple instruction but in the end, there isn’t a real winner and the reason behind such promotion is to allow you to be aware of the brand.

2. Using music without consent

From classical to modern, music is something that people enjoy. The most popular would be the one being played in malls or on the shop or commercial, but the question is if it was consented by the people who made the music. There are some that uses the music to help boost the marketing plan of some business without any right or consent of the use of the music. Without the consent or the right to use the music, then you can get in trouble with it because you are using a property that isn’t yours and can confuse people into thinking that it is yours.

3. Videos and Images

When it comes to images, they are property from other people who took them, and if you allow yourself to use the pictures with the owner’s consent then you will be in trouble because it is private property and not meant for the public. Even if you are using the face of someone without their consent is also going to be a problem. This goes with a video ( see www.youtube.com ), if you use the same video for your marketing to another business then it would create conflict because of plagiarism.

For a business to survive in the industry, the public has to constantly be aware of the existence of the business because there are always new businesses popping. To that, they have to make sure that their marketing is always on point, but there are times that their marketing can lead to legal problems like plagiarism and use private property. Since marketing is about informing the public; music, promotion and videos and images are the things that people enjoy because they can hear good music, see interesting videos and images and the excitement of winning.

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